Jun 22

The Legend of LV

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The legend of LV

LV has many immortal legends available in the world. I would like to share you the most typical legend here.

LV is Waterproof

Maybe everyone in the world knows the accident which happened in Atlantic Ocean about 100 years ago. And most of them may have already seen the film “Titanic“. It is said that film “Titanic’’ did not take the fragment in 1911.On film “Titanic”, British luxurious passenger liner Titanic sank the seabed, and someone salvaged a LV suitcase from the bottom of the ocean. He unexpectedly found that there is not even half drop of water infiltrated the suitcase. From then, LV is famous all over the world for its quality.

LV is Fireproof

The story happened in Paris France in 1856. Miss right held a family party at her home, everyone was happy and had a lot of fun. Everyone knows that foreigners enjoy holding partie, where there is party, there

is beer. Where there is beer, there is BBQ. BBQ is the reason, Miss right carelessly dropped her LV bag into fire, that is the golden time to test LV bag. However the LV bag is fine and without defect. It looked new after cleaning with the cloth

It is also said that about ten years ago, a LV bag’s owner, whose house on fire, all the clothing, furniture and many other things were broken except his LV bag. The LV bag was smoky outside, but all the things were in perfect condition inside.

We can see that LV really has high quality. They can protect our property from damaging at the urgent occasion. We should not lose the chance to have one.








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